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Terms of Sale, Layaway and Credit Application Statement

I agree that the items described above, on this receipt, will be put into the  Layaway system for me. I also agree to pay A minimum of 10% of the total ticket $_________ once a month on the items described above. The entire balance will be paid prior to the end of the layaway term. There are no refunds on all transactions. Layaway down payments may be applied to other merchandise as long as the new layaway purchase is of equal value to the original total amount purchased. 

In the event the client chooses the ORDER THE MERCHANDISE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Section of this receipt, the purchase is not considered a layaway, and any and all payments made by client will be applied to the purchase. There will therefore be no refunds of any monies paid in by client on such a purchase. Nor will there be any exchanges of any kind, since most, if not all monies paid in by client has been sent to the manufacturers in order to obtain said merchandise.

Items ordered, as described above, are manufactured and placed into storage for Signature Home Furniture in the manufacturer's warehouse. Since these are often out of state, in some but rare instances, up to four weeks or more may be required for the manufacturer to arrange for transportation of the merchandise to our location. Therefore, up to four weeks or more may be required to obtain said merchandise once customer has indicated a desire to take possession.

All items as stated on this receipt, where custom materials are selected, or where the layaway period becomes greater than 30 days, are contingent upon manufacturer's availability. If an item or material becomes discontinued, I agree to reselect a material or item of similar value, which will be available at the time of my merchandise delivery requirements. I also understand that the time necessary for the manufacture and delivery of these reselected items may be up to twelve weeks or more from the time of reselection depending upon the manufacturer's schedule.

In consideration of the fact that our manufacturers will not accept any returned merchandise, unless properly boxed in their original boxes with original packing materials, a 50% repackaging fee will be charged on all merchandise returned improperly boxed if accepted by Signature Home Furniture.

No verbal agreement made with any representative of Signature Home Furniture or any other person related to the operation of the company will be binding upon Signature Home Furniture unless specified in writing on this receipt and its corresponding copies.

Notice to Applicant: A consumer report may be requested with the processing of your credit. Upon request, you will be informed whether or not a consumer report was requested and, if such report was requested, informed of the name and address of the consumer-reporting agency that furnished the report. Subsequent consumer reports may be requested or utilized in connection with an update, renewal or extension of credit. We authorize you to investigate credit and employment history and understand that if we do not qualify for the requested amount, you may consider me for a lesser amount.

I, the undersigned, have read, understand fully, and agree to the entire above stated  Terms of Sale, Layaway and Credit Application Statement
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